Our Services

Payment service provider, bitcoin exchange

We specialize in inventing fresh, special & smart Bitcoin mining techniques to exchange for the highly competitive Bitcoin farm-rising at an incredible pace

Wallet Provider

We provide you with the most secured and safest bitcoin wallet options for your bitcoin storage. With ‘Bank grade security’, it boasts different layers of hierarchical security for your accounts.

Blockchain financial services

Your Dream Creator works to optimize financial transactions and improve trust with highly secure business networks on blockchain

Bitcoin exchange

We not only mine Bitcoins but also provide Bitcoin exchange for customers to trade their Bitcoins for other assets or other currencies, which provides you with limitless opportunities of financial securities. Experience convenient, easy and secure way to send, receive, buy and sell your bitcoins anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Mining

We mine Bitcoins on secured cloud center, which is a remote data center with shared processing power so you don’t need to worry about managing the hardware.

Over the counter trading

We provide our customers with an option to trade bitcoins via the dealer network which is much more flexible as compared to centralized exchange.


With Micropayments for Bitcoin, you don’t need to rely more on pre-existing payment networks to engage in micro transactions, anywhere, anytime.

Peer to peer lending

Dream creator allows peer to peer lending of Bitcoins so that small investors can engage in bitcoin lending without needing a bank account

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Creditcard Payments Available.